Rider Information

Banbury Cross provides programs for Adults and Children with any diagnosed physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, or learning disability including...

-Autism                               -ADD/ADHD                -Cerebral Palsy    

-Down's Syndrome            -Hard of Hearing         -Visual Impairments

-Learning Disabilities        -Seizure Disorders      -Spina Bifida

-Muscular Dystrophy         -Multiple Sclerosis      -PTSD    

-Traumatic Brain Injury     -ODD                           -Speech Delay

Rider Requirements:

-Diagnosed with physical, cognitive, emotional disability

-At least 3 years old

-Be Able To Complete All Paperwork by Parent/Legal Guardian

-Be Able To Attend a Personal Evaluation

-Be Able To Participate in a 30 Minute Lesson

-Weigh No More Than 180 Pounds


**If rider has Down's Syndrome, they must have a negative atlanto-axial X-ray.

2020 Rider Paperwork:

1) Participant Application and Health History

2) Participant Liability and Medical Form

3) Physician's Statement

Forms 1 and 2 are to be filled out by Parent/Legal Guardian once per calendar year. Form 3 is to be filled out by Physician, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician's Assistant that can attest it is safe for participant to ride. This expires 1 year from the date it was signed.

4) Spring 2020 Registration Form

Form 4 is to be filled out each session that you wish your rider to participate in. Because of the size of our program and length of our waiting list, LATE REGISTRATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! Read the registration form carefully for policies regarding refunds.

2020 Riding Calendar

Winter Session       January 6-February 22

Spring Session        March 2-April 25

Summer 1 Session  May 11-June 27

Summer 2 Session  July 6-August 29

Fall Session             September 7-November 21

                                 NO CLASS OCT. 11-OCT. 17

Summer Camp        Cancelled

Horse Show             August 29-Waiting To Confirm

Banbury Cross TEC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit program.

Phone: 248-628-7433

Fax: 248-628-0577


1223 Brauer Road

Oxford, MI 48371

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