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Questions To Ask Your Therapeutic Riding Center

Who teaches the classes?     All of our classes are taught by PATH Certified Instructors, who are required to complete 25 hours of continuing education each year as well as maintain current CPR/First Aid certification.

Where do your horses come from?     All of our horses are donated to our program and go through a strict 4-6 month trial period before our riders are ever mounted. Our horses are thoroughly trained before they step foot into our arena-it's their job to train your rider, not the other way around!

Are your volunteers trained?     All of our volunteers are required to attend a 2-hour orientation prior to starting with our program to go over safety protocols, proper barn etiquette, and other policies and procedures we have in place. Safety for everyone on our property is always our first concern! We also have a strict 12-year old starting age...while people of all ages love horses, there is a great deal of responsibility that we ask of our volunteers to keep our riders and horses safe.

What kind of care do your horses receive?     Our horses receive better care than we do-not joking! Because we couldn't do what we do without our fabulous equine partners we make sure they have high quality feed and supplements where needed, receive regular farrier/hoof care, and proper veterinary care. Seems basic right? Our horses also regularly receive chiropractic care, massages, acupuncture treatments, and other helpful services!

What special amenities does your facility have?     The biggest draw to our facility is that we have a heated, indoor arena that allows us to comfortably ride year-round, which has shown to have the best results for our riders. We also provide a heated and cooled observation room with 2 bathrooms for visitors to watch as their rider participates in lessons. Our entire facility is wheelchair accessible which allows everyone to attend events like summer camp and our horse show!

How do you know my rider is getting the most out of their lesson?     Before your rider ever even mounts a horse, you come to the barn for an initial evaluation. Not only does this allow you to see our stunning facility and meet our equine friends, but it gives us a chance to meet your rider and discuss your goals. We are looking at their strength, coordination, mobility, flexibility to be able to match the best tack, horse movement, and even volunteer needs. After each session our instructors complete progress reports and review individual goals to make sure that we are using our lesson time wisely.

What is your teaching style?     Our instructors use all their teaching knowledge to encourage your rider and build confidence. This is never done through yelling and demeaning tactics. We find that building confidence and making riding an enjoyable experience is the best way to accomplish your goals. Even when reinforcing behavioral corrections, it is always done in a quiet, constructive manner.

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