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Horsin' Around From Home

Interactive Fun!


March 24-Miss Jessica M. reading "A Cowgirl and Her Horse"

March 25-Miss Kelly reading "Otis"

March 26-Miss Jess L. reading "A Snowy Day"

March 27-Miss Charlotte reading "A Wocket In My Pocket"

March 28-Miss Brittany reading "Olivia Helps Mother Nature"

March 29-Miss Lisa reading "Stand Tall, Mary Lou Melon"

March 30-Miss Bri reading "Oh the Places You'll Go"

March 31-Mr. Nate reading "The Smallest Horse"

April 1-Miss Jan reading "Eddie from the Boneyard"

April 2-Miss Jessica M. reading "Chicken From Space"

April 3-Volunteer Sue singing us "The Bear Song"

April 4-Chloe reading us "A Unicorn Named Sparkle"

April 5-Miss Charlotte reading "Go Dogs Go!"

April 6-Mr. Nate with a special tractor ride, emptying manure

April 7-Miss Jess L. reading "Little Blue Truck"

April 8-Miss Brittany reading "Diana's Big Dreams"

April 9-Mr. Nate reading "Who Lives On The Farm?"

April 10-Chloe reading "How To Catch The Easter Bunny"

April 11-Volunteer Blair reading "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs"

April 13-Mr. Nate reading "Winnie The Pooh Meets Gopher"

April 14-Miss Jess L. reading "Caps For Sale"

April 15-Miss Jessica M. reading "Madeline Finn The Library Dog"

April 16-Chloe, Bella, and Bailey reading "There Was An Old Lady"

April 17-Miss Jan reading "The Fuzzy Duckling"

April 18-Miss Lisa reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

April 19-Mr. Nate with "Breakfast On The Farm"

April 19-Miss Bri with "My Little Pony: Applejack's Day Out"

April 20-Pretty Pony Pastures With "Horse Vitals"

April 20-Volunteer Kat reading "Don't Push The Button"

April 21-Volunteer Lisa reading "Run With The Wind"

April 22-Volunteer Peggy reading "You Are Special"

April 23-Volunteer Jan reading "The Adventures of Lucy The Cow Dog"

April 25-Volunteers Jenny and Pam reading "Lassie"

April 26-Mr. Nate reading "Welcome Spring"

April 27-Miss Charlotte reading "We Go In A Circle"

April 28-Miss Bri reading "The Foot Book"

April 29-Miss Jessica reading "Thelma The Unicorn"

April 30-Bella reading "Hugs and Kisses Grouchy Ladybug"

May 4-Mr. Nate showing us How To Feed A Round Bale

May 5-Miss Jan reading "The Little Red Hen"

May 6-Miss Jessica reading "The Egg-cellent Mama Hen"

May 7-Miss Charlotte leads us in our daily stretches

May 9-Miss Bri reading "Russel The Sheep"

May 11-Miss Jessica reading "Friendship is the Best Medicine"

May 13-Miss Debbie (Brittany's Mom) reading "I Love You, Stinkyface"

May 14-Chloe reading "Interrupting Chicken"

May 16-Miss Cindy (Charlotte's Mom) reading "Moon Dance"

May 17-Miss Jan reading "The Golden Egg Book"

May 19-Bailey reading "Hickory Dickory Dock"

May 21-Miss Jessica reading "Temple Grandin and Her Amazing Squeeze Machine"

May 22-Powers Horseshoeing Team reading/rapping "Wee Little Piggy"

May 29-Addi Powers reading "Guess How Much I Love You!"

May 30-Miss Jessica reading "Wish"

June 3-Miss Charlotte reading "This Monster Cannot Wait"

June 7-Mr. Nate reading "I Love You My Bunnies"

June 10-Miss Jessica reading "The Return of Thelma the Unicorn"

July 2-Miss Jess reading "Your Mama Is A Llama"

July 8-Miss Bri reading "In A People House"

July 14-Miss Jessica reading "What Do You Do With A Problem"

July 19-Chloe reading "Pig The Fibber"

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