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About Our Programs


Therapeutic Horseback Riding Lessons-

Lessons are taught by nationally certified therapeutic riding instructors, teaching adaptive riding skills for recreational, educational, and therapeutic purposes. Each student is given specific goals and tasks by the instructor in addition to the overall goal-to become as independent as possible. 


Group Lessons: Typically no more than 4 riders in a class. This allows direct supervision and interaction with our instructors and volunteers and also allows our riders a social aspect that is necessary in any extracurricular activity


Private Lessons: These lesson are limited to: 1) Students that are far more advanced than is able to accommodate and challenge in a group or 2) Students who need one-on-one attention from the instructor and special lesson planning due to specific needs. Approval from our Executive Director is necessary for private lessons.


Therapeutic Horsemanship Lessons-

Lessons are conducted by our trained staff. These classes are offered to individuals who can not safely sit astride a horse, who exceed our 180-pound weight limit, or who are searching for more ways to spend time learning about horses. Individuals will learn basic ground-based horse care such a grooming, bathing, feeding, etc. and enjoy a wonderful human to animal bonding experience in a safe and therapeutic environment.


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